Figural Space

21/2/2023 / skopduyuru


The Dirty Drawings Wednesday Talks have been organized by Bilge Bal and hosted by Istanbul Kent University since Spring 2022. The no.2 series of four inter/national lectures and two workshops will occur between December 2022 and March 2023.

The drawings, in their figural nature, perform as a medium for the graphical exploration of spatial notions; I am preoccupied with its capacity to generate a spatial sensation, rather than a spatial representation. The drawings don’t delineate an inside or outside, and there are no exact borders of where an entirety begins or ends. I need the drawings to be large, placed vertically, standing in front of the drawings as I make them, in search of spatial experience, the sensation of urgency arises, an urgency of instant involvement with a subject in view. Being immersed, sitting up close to the drawing board, unable to see the edges of the drawing, prevents the drawing from becoming an object, treasured in hand. It allows the subject matter in its spatial intent to become tangible, capable of being sensed, experienced, and touched. Their postures, oblique and never fully frontal revealed, the drawing configuration pulls you in and continues off page. The drawings are an extract, a sample, every time, the final draft of the immersion called architecture.


Dirty Drawings_Riet Eeckhout_Figural Space

Feb 22, 2023 07:00 PM Istanbul

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