DirtyDrawings, Wednesday Talks no.2

28/11/2022 / skopduyuru


DirtyDrawings, Wednesday Talks no.2

December'22 - March'23


organized by Bilge Bal

hosted by Istanbul Kent University


The Dirty Drawings,  Wednesday Talks no.2 will focus on an earthly imagination: modern essays through the act of drawing to read the simultaneity of the (un)built and natural ones as companions, to sense the design investigations on/ more than the human Anthropocene, the ecology of a changing Earth,and to cast cross-disciplinary research tools and collaborations beyond divisions.



Drawing Imaginaries of a Wasteland-scape

Carole Lévesque (Co-founder of BéPI, Professor and Director of the School of Design, UQAM)

DECEMBER 14, 2022


19.00 – Istanbul

14.00 – Montreal


Zoom / Meeting ID: 813 4878 5757

Passcode: 771857