“André Lhote and His International Students”

13/6/2020 / skopduyuru


Amongst the numerous art academies that existed in Paris between the 1920s and the 1950s, both the liberal as well as the more conservative, the academy of André Lhote (1885-1962), run between 1925 and 1962, was much sought after and attracted an unprecedented number of international students. Due to the excellent state of its archive, it is possible today to acknowledge that almost 1,600 students studied with André Lhote at 18, rue d’ Odessa in Montparnasse over the period of four decades, as well as at the field academies that he set up in Mirmande (1926), Gordes (1938) and in Cadiére d’Azur (1948). André Lhote and His International Students is a collection of 13 essays that illuminate the significant way in which André Lhote, through his teaching, his art practice and writing, was responsible for distributing a specific set of formal and theoretical modernist trends. This book thus not only pays tribute to an unjustly neglected artist, theoretician and teacher, but also examines how artists from around the world contributed to and reinterpreted modernist movements that took place in Paris during this period. André Lhote and His International Students is an account of a microcosmic version of the cosmopolitan Paris that was shaped by the flow and circulation of thousands of single artists from around the world.


Zeynep Kuban ve Simone Wille (ed.), André Lhote and His International Students, Innsbruck University Press, 2020

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Zeynep Kuban, Simone Wille: Introduction and Acknowledgments

Dominique Bermann Bartin: The Life of André Lhote

Fanny Drugeon: From Paris to Mirmande, International Aspects of Lhote’s Academy through Lhote’s Writings and Correspondance

Michelle Greet: Latin American Artists at the Académie Lhote

Alejandra Ortiz Canstanares: Manuel Rodríguez Lozano, the Mexican “Purist”

David Burzillo: In Service to Art and Humanity: The Lives of Caroline Rogers Hill

Karin SiDén, Anna Meister: André Lhote’s Impact on Swedish Cubism and Modernism: An Important Teacher-student Relationship Lasting Five Decades

Vesna Burojević: Sava Šumanović – Life, Work and Ties with André Lhote

Zeynep Kuban: An Overview of the Turkish Students of André Lhote

Jamaleddin Toomajnia: Jalil Ziapour: An Iranian Student at the Académie Lhote

Mehri Khalil: André Lhote and Egypt

Simone Wille: South Asian Artists at the Académie André Lhote

Chinghsin Wu: André Lhote and Modern Japanese Art

Bruce Adams and Tracey Lock: Missionaries of Modernism: The Women Artists Who Took André Lhote’s Art and Teachings to Australia: Dorrit Black, Grace Crowley and Anne Dangar